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About the Series: Tetramir


The scientific term tetramer is defined as “a molecule that consists of four structural subunits.” Since the drawings in this series can be divided into four identical sections, it seemed like the perfect term to describe them. With a personalized spin on the last syllable, they became Tetramirs.


Like all of my drawings, this series was a meditation in action. I start to draw not knowing what the final piece will look like. I start with one line or shape and that mark determines the next with little premeditation on my part. For the Tetramir Series, I draw thirty “identical” pieces. I systematically drew each line or shape on all thirty sheets of paper before moving on to the next shape. People tend to think that my work is digital, or digitally reproduced in someway, so I went in the extreme opposite direction and hand drew thirty versions of the same pattern.

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